TollPharma has facilities dedicated to the manufacture of products:
  • Wet granulation products.
  • Direct blending.
  • Bulk products in tablets.
  • Tablets.
  • Film-coated tablets.
  • Dagrees.
  • Hard gelatin capsules.


TollPharma has segregated wet and dry granulation areas.
  • Annual wet granulation capacity of 35 tons.
  • Annual capacity in direct mix of 550 tons.
Fabricación de medicamentos

Tablets / Coated tablets / Dragees

We have rooms specially designed for tablet compression and coating.
  • Annual capacity: 715 million tablets.

  • Annual capacity: 179 million coated tablets.

Hard gelatin capsules

We encapsulate granules and pellets in all capsule formats.
  • Annual capacity: 330 million capsules.