More than 20 years manufacturing medicines

We produce more than 14 million units of pharmaceutical products per year.

We are specialized in solid oral forms working with more than 40 different molecules.

TollPharma is a company of the Farmalider group integrated by a highly qualified team, with extensive experience in the production and packaging of pharmaceutical products and in continuous recycling that allows us to offer an unbeatable customer service.

The facilities are certified, under GMP standards, by the Spanish and International Health Authorities.
It also undergoes periodic inspections and has the approvals of the main international pharmaceutical companies, being a reference manufacturer in many of them.
TollPharma remains committed to innovation, fostering ideas and providing solutions to customer needs.

Private pharmaceutical laboratory founded in 1986 in Madrid, Spain.

Farmalider specializes in the development of traditional generic products, advertising, ethical, branded and value-added products. Farmalider is a factory of ideas with a highly qualified and experienced multidisciplinary team.

Creativity in the development of new projects is balanced with strict adherence to quality guidelines. All actions are focused on quality, safety and innovative product development. In addition to our TollPharma group plant, with GMP, Farmalider chooses its suppliers among those who have the same commitment to partners/customers, in terms of quality, costs, flexibility, capacity and corporate culture.







Why TollPharma?

TollPharma provides global value-added solutions throughout the entire drug manufacturing cycle.

Our organization is capable of carrying out any phase of the pharmaceutical production process, from the development of formulas to the production, packaging and conditioning of pharmaceutical specialties, with the following competitive advantages:

Optimization of development and production times.

Flexibility in production capacities.

Agile and reliable responses to changing customer needs.

Adaptation of supply processes to the particularities of each customer.

Optimization of production costs.

High standards of manufacturing quality.

The production is carried out by highly qualified personnel in an environment certified under GLP and GMP standards, and which has the relevant approvals from the Health Authorities. It has also been audited and approved by several multinational companies as a reference manufacturer.